About BLAQK House Collections


“The Inception”

Owners Cynthia Marie Kenderson “I AM Cynt” and Nicky Jo Dawson met at an Activist Rally in East Liberty that was held after the death of Antwon Rose II.  Nicky Jo was one of the Speakers at the event and Cynthia attended as a Photographer. After the event Cynthia felt extremely motivated and encouraged after listening to Nicky Jo’s empowering and inspirational words, and began to follow her organization BLaQK Ops, photographing and volunteering whenever time allowed. After conversing a few times, the two realized that their Visions, Mission and Desires for the Community via The Equilbruim of Entrepreunership and Social Service were very similar. When Cynthia was presented the opportunity of “Space”, she immediately called Nicky Jo and informed her that the Partnership Of “The Conception” is Before Us.

“The Conception”

“Welcome Home”…

A Safe Space 

Where Every One 



regardless of the bias and social constructs

gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, culture, social and financial status etc.

“The Manifestation”

BLAQK House Collections Is An Art Gallery & Multi-Space In Downtown Pittsburgh.

A Space Created For The Expression Of BLaQK Lives. A SAFE space for the BIPOC & LGBTQIA Communities.

Reflective Of The Beauty, Brains & Brawns Of A Resillient People.

The Plight/Flight To And From Greatness Manifested Through All Forms Of Art.

 Giving A Platform To Artists To Be Agents Of Social Change,

 Shaping Of The Consciousness and Being an Incubator of Dreams. 

From Exhibitions, Music, Theater, Film Series, Lectures, “Speak BLAQK” etc…

Nicky Jo Dawson Co-Owner BLAQK House Collections


Cynthia's Pic x Bio

Cynthia Marie Kenderson “I AM Cynt” Co-Owner BLAQK House Collections

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Cynthia is a Visionary/Dreamer with an eye for details… she manifests this through her photography and her ability to craft words into poetic sonnets and metaphors.

Cynthia began writing poetry from an early age, never seeing it as a gift, but as a second language.

When she was unable to articulate her deepest feelings the words would regurgitate out from her mouth fluidly like a second language.


She published her first book of poetry in August 2013. Her Personal Motto as an Artist is “To Dream, Create and Promote Excellence, The State Of Rising Out Of” through her works of Art. She recently became one of the first of 6 Cohorts of An Artist residency program called “Nafasi on Centre” in The Hill District.